Albany Chamber Citizen and Youth of the Year

We're not really sure how long the Albany Chamber of Commerce has been recognizing adult and youths in our town for their outstanding service, but we do know that every one of these honorees worked very hard to make Albany a better place to live and work.

Youths and Citizens of the Year are honored with a place in the Solano Avenue Stroll Parade and at a dinner held in their honor. Youths of the Year also receive a $1,000 scholarship from the Elizabeth Bell Memorial Scholarship Fund.

2022 Citizen of the Year Eugenie Hsu (on back of car, right) is joined by the 2020 and 2021 honorees, Mamie Dinani (in passenger seat) and Zion and Julia Lee

2022 Youth of the Year Monet Gagnon (left) is joined by Mamie Dinani's grandson in the Solano Stroll Parade

2023 Citizen of the Year: Curtis "Mr. C" Evans

Previous Citizen of the Year Honorees

2022: Eugenie Hsu
2021: Zion & Julia Lee
2020: Mamie Dinani
2019: Margie Marks
2018: Jim and Beth Beller
2017: Florence Wahl

2016: Alexa Hauser
2015: Alan Riffer
2014: Laurie Roberts
2013: Caryl O’Keefe
2012: John Nakamura
2011: Jon Ely
2010: Mac McCurdy
2009: Clay Larson
2008: Jack Rosano
2007: Peggy Mc Quaid
2006: Ruth Ganong
2005: Arthur (Art) Longpre
2004: Joan Larson
2003: Dana Milner
2002: Marsha Skinner
2001: Ruth Meniketti
2000: Doug Donaldson
1999: Mary & Bill Hartung
1998: Allan Maris
1997: Frank Jensen
1996: Ray Anderson
1995: Jewel Okawachi (second time)
1994: Bill Lewis
1993: Mike Koepke
1992: Clyde & Margaret Stone
1991: Jewel Okawachi  & Dario Meniketti 

2023 Youth of the Year: Sofia Andrusova

Previous Youth of the Year Honorees

2022: Monet Gagnon

2021: Elizabeth Davidson
2020: Colin O'Brien
2019: Thomas Lee
2018: Jessica Shen-Wachter
2017: Ian Daly
2016: Dylan Kurzer-Ogul
2015: Jillian and Jacey de la Torre
2014: Soraya Shockley
2013: Thalia Tom
2012: Kaitlyn Endo
2011: Mark Tingwald
2010: Daniel Berger
2009: Anna Reutinger
2008: Jack Wallace
2007: Justin McKone
2006: Taylor Mosley
2005: Candace Jones

Citizen of the Year nominees should be Albany residents or business people who have demonstrated a continuing contribution to the greater Albany community.  There is no restriction on who may submit a nomination. Self-nominations are accepted for this award.

To nominate a candidate, please submit:

  • a one-page email or letter with the nominee’s contact information (name, address, phone number, email)
  • the nominator’s phone and electronic contact information
  • the candidate’s accomplishments, detailing why he or she (or they, in the case of a couple) should be given the award
  • additional letters of recommendation, as appropriate, by people who are familiar with the nominee’s community contributions


  • email your letter to:


  • mail your nomination letter to the Albany Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 6434, Albany, CA 94706

The Citizen of the Year will ride in a special vehicle in the Solano Stroll parade with the Albany Youth of the Year and will be honored at a gala dinner in the Fall.

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