Chamber of Commerce Webinar: Get the Most for your Business out of the Solano Stroll

Featured Speaker: Allen Cain, Stroll Producer and Executive Director of the Solano Avenue Association

Webinar recorded via Zoom on August 3, 2022

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Introduction, Board Members, Sponsors, Magic Trick (00:00)
Stroll User Guide (6:21)
Stroll History and Overview (7:30)
Demographics and Character (8:57)
Weather (11:12)
Closing Sales Tips (12:28)
Festival Goers are Money Conscious / Getting Attention (13:35)
Any Business can Benefit from 100,000 people (17:18)
Food Vendors (Including Solano Avenue Restaurants) (19:40)
Laying Out Information / Paper on your Table (20:45)
Start of Questions (23:53)
Are Balloons Permitted as a Booth Decoration? (23:58)
Will there be power available? Can we solicit donations? Can we give away T-Shirts? (24:40)
What are the guidelines on volume decibals? (26:12)
Will there be a shuttle service from the North Berkeley BART and how often will it run (28:16)
Do vendors have to use canopies? Can they use tables and umbrellas? (29:35)
Is it OK that our canopie is 13 x 13 (spaces are 10 x 10)? (30:29)
Are participants supposed to bring their own canopies? (31:11)
Can we schedule one or two accoustic instruction sessions at our booth? (31:36)
Political Booths: What are the guidelines on controversial social issues (such as reproductive rights)? (34:00)
Logistics for bands setting up: When do we set up? What do we do with our vehicle? (35:32)
Is there a procedure for unloading a vehicle at your booth and then moving the vehicle? (38:02)
What are the restrictions on where tables for restaurants on the Avenue can go? (38:46)
How early can people arrive for setup? how late for breakdown? (40:05)
What sizes are the booth spaces? Can we get a larger space? (42:53)
Is it OK to have the table with literature inside or to the side of the booth space rather than in front? (44:05)
Suggestions for how a service (such as photography) can be successful at the Stroll? (44:52)
Can the Albany Berkeley Soccer Club have a small goal and balls next to their booth? (50:02)
Are we allowed to leave equipment on the sidewalk if need the space? (51:50)
How get in touch with the SAA by phone? (52:07)
Tip (53:30)
Can we have someone handing out leaflets away from the booth? (54:41)
Are there environmental restrictions on what you can hand out? Other environmental concerns? (55:45)
Is there a lost and found? (57:50)
Are there graphic assets for social media sharing? (1:00:00)
Volunteer opportunities (1:00:40)
A special invitation (1:01:43)

Chat Transcript:

00:37:55 Albany Chamber of Commerce: Chat should be available now -- sorry for the confusion.
00:38:09 Albany Chamber of Commerce: Solano Stroll User Guide:
00:41:27 Albany Chamber of Commerce: 👍
00:50:13 Jeanne: I have 2 questions. We are a band that will not be playing until 3p. (1) Do we have to set up before the festival starts or can we set up after the other band ends at 2p (2) Can we park our car on the street and leave our equipment there until set up (3) can we put a 10 x 20' popup for our band in case of sun
00:51:04 Geoff Lomax - BeCERTAINN: Came in a bit late, but is there a procedure for brining a vehicle close to our set up point and unload our gear and then move the vehicle after unloading?
00:51:39 Jeanne: Im sorry our pop up is 13x13'
00:57:56 Vicente Oakland Greens: good answers tyty
00:58:27 Jeanne: Midnight kitchen
00:58:39 Vicente Oakland Greens: love that name
01:03:33 Jeanne: thanks!
01:07:16 jennifer SAA volunteer president:
01:08:10 jennifer SAA volunteer president: SAA phone number 510-527-5358
01:16:24 Jeanne: Thank you for all your helpful suggestions
01:16:55 Albany Chamber of Commerce: Use the regular SAA phone number on the day of the Stroll -- 510-527-5358
01:18:20 jennifer SAA volunteer president: Please also try to think sustainably and please remember what every you bring in, you should take back with you. Please keep your area clean from trash, boxes, etc when you leave. Our drains do drain to the bay.
01:23:51 Albany Chamber of Commerce:
01:25:27 Pamela A Lee: awwww, thanks!
01:25:36 shoey_sindel: Thanks you all for the information. See everyone at the Stroll.
01:25:41 Albany Chamber of Commerce: Mechanics Bank, 801 San Pablo, 8/11, 5:30 - 7:30
01:25:51 Geoff Lomax - BeCERTAINN: 5:30 - 7:30 what day?
01:25:51 Kristina Osborn: what day?
01:25:59 jennifer SAA volunteer president: 8/11/22 5:30pm-7:30 (Thursday)
01:26:04 Kristina Osborn: Thanks!
01:26:20 jane h. yamashiro (she/her): Thank you for the helpful information!
01:26:20 Vicente Oakland Greens: ty all
01:26:24 California Revels: Thanks!!!
01:26:29 Jeanne: thanks again

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